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Installation and Application

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2.1 Please select the abrasive wheel according to your operating mode, cutting objects and conditions. T41 or T42 abrasive wheels should be used for cutting of workpieces. T27 or T27a abrasive wheels should be used for grinding of workpieces.
2.2 It is required to perform visual inspection before installation. It cannot be used in case of damage.
2.3 The flange plate should conform to the technical requirements. The surface of the flange plate in direct contact with the abrasive wheel is required to be clean and even. The abrasive wheel should be fastened moderately and can be damaged due to too looseness, tightness or uneven surface. It can only be fastened manually by using a wrench. The extended wrench can not be used, and striking the wrench is not allowed. Meanwhile, striking the abrasive wheel is not allowed in order to prevent damage to the abrasive wheel.
2.4 The main shaft of the grinding machine should conform to the technical requirements and match with the bore diameter of the abrasive wheel. The abrasive wheel will bounce or burst due to small shaft diameter or misalignment.
2.5 The grinding machine is required to be equipped with a protective cover. The operators should wear protection devices according to the regulations. Other people are prohibited from directly facing the working plane of the abrasive wheel so as to ensure use safety.
2.6 After the abrasive wheel is installed, please keep idle operation for 1-2 minutes before official use.
2.7 The speed of the abrasive wheel cannot be higher than the specified operating speed. When the pneumatic equipment is used, especially the same source for several machines, the air pressure should be controlled. Each equipment should be equipped with an independent relief valve so as to prevent personal injury when exceeding the maximum speed caused by unsteady or too high pressure.
2.8 The feed should be slow, otherwise the abrasive wheel will get stuck or be smashed. Please stop the machine and lift the abrasive wheel if it gets stuck so as to avoid burnout or crack.
2.9 The stacked workpieces are not allowed, for the abrasive wheel easily gets stuck and may cause severe accidents due to unfastened workpieces.
2.10 The end face of the abrasive wheel cannot be used for grinding. The cutting angle of the thin abrasive wheel is 90°, and the grinding angle of the cymbal-shaped abrasive wheel is 15-30°.