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In 1996, Esicut Abrasive Wheel Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Limited. was established;
In 1997, our young elite team was engaged in R&D and sales of stainless steel tools;
In 1998, “ESICUT” was registered. Esicut products won recognition of domestic users;
In 2005, Esicut production base introduced new automatic production lines and abrasive wheel manufacturing equipment and was committed to R&D and manufacture of resin wheels;
In 2008, Esicut green stainless steel “cutting disc” was launched and became a pioneer in R&D and innovation;
In 2010, our company successfully established a complete quality management guarantee system and a strong marketing network;
In 2011, the beauties were invited as our spokespersons, and the “Magic Abrasive Babies” were created;
In 2012, the opening ceremony of Foshan Branch was held, and it was successfully put into operation;
In 2013, the “Magic Abrasive Babies” education assistance program was launched to help the needy children in Ganzi, Sichuan;
In 2014, our company carried out the strategy of “joint development of domestic and foreign trade” with a global view; 
In 2018,because of the need of development,our company`s rename to ESICUT ABRASIVE WHEEL TECHNOLOGY (SHENZHEN)CO.,LIMITED.
Our company has established more than 20 branches all over China, become famous brand in the field of cutting, grinding and polishing tools and realized annual output value of more than RMB 100 million.