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Since the establishment, Chairman Xu has been engaged in abrasive wheel manufacturing industry for 40 years and adhered to the high-end product line and quality trustworthy brand.
Our company always insists on the core concept of “Development by Constant Innovation” and strives to take the lead in the industry.
The initial letter of “Esicut”—“e” is originated from “easy” (means “easy”) and respectively represents:
1.Esicut is legible: simple and unique style
2. Esicut product is easy to use: Easy, safe and efficient
3.Esicut is inheritable: The initial letter of Esicut—“e” is associated with Internet and the global village and implies the sharpness and quality of the abrasive wheel. Meanwhile, it integrates the meaning of “Advance with the Times”.
In addition, the toothed “e” manifests the speed, dynamics and passion of the abrasive wheel in a vivid way, looks like the elegant arc marked by the flying wheel and fully demonstrates the perfect combination of technology and art, force and beauty.
Esicut is gradually recognized and accepted by consumers and wins satisfaction and loyalty of consumers.
Over years of development, our company has enjoyed a high reputation in the industry. The products mainly consist of nine series such as flexible abrasive wheel, stainless steel cutting disc, ultrathin cutting disc, high-speed cutting disc, high-speed abrasive disc, special grade abrasive disc, elastic polishing abrasive disc, abrasive wheel for grinding saw blade, diamond saw blade, etc. and win recognition of customers owing to stable quality, reasonable prices, safety and high efficiency.