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The Brand Strategy Coopration Press Conference between ESICUT&Momo is opened officially

On July 5th,2018,in order to discuss and exchange brand strategic coopration plans for new year,our boss Xu Dequan leaded our team to our factory,ESICUT ABRASIVE WHEELS TECHNOLOGY (SHEN ZHEN) CO.,LIMITED Wuzhi Base, accompanied by Momo`s tream. 

At 11:00a.m.,everyone arrived at the factory in Wuzhi.And then,they visited the production workshop under the leadership of the boss Xu Dequan.On the way,Mr.Xu introduced the situation of the factory to Momo`s team who came here.He also introduced the enterprise honor,enterprise team,enterprise structure and core advantages.At the same time,he explained the specific purpose and planning of each functional area of the workshop in detail.Then,it made the Momo`s team having a deep understanding ot ESICUT corporate culture and brand image,and also laid the foundation for the feasibility of subsequent brand strategic coopration programs.

Mr.Xu shows them around the workshop

At 14:00p.m.,the ceremony of the brand strategic coopration and the image upgrade of ESICUT production base was officially opened in the conference room.At the beginning of the meeting,the ESICUT boss Xu Dequan made a speech.In the speech,Mr.Xu expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the Momo`s team first.Then he said that in the environment of current competitive industry market,our company has been always insisted on the brand road construction.This time,ESICUT woiuld futher promote the brand image according to the actual situation of the production base,striving for futher brand development,and achieving greater breakthroughs and leaps.

After that,the manager of Momo`s team took the floor to deliver a speech.In his speech,he sxpressed his agreement with the trend of branding of the abrasive indrustry in the future.He also placed great hopes on the future between the two sides.We all believed that through this face-to-face exchange,the two sides would be able to collide with each other in brand exploration and cooperate to win the development.

Press Conference

In the subsequent discussion,ESICUT`s team submitted revelent data on corporate branding and products in the industry and market,providing data support for both sides to develop feasible brand promotion programs.At the same time,the firm`s team also actively rumors that according to the brand concept of ESICUT,they put forward a targeted brand promotion plan,the two sides also carried out in-deep discussions and exchanges on the specific content of the plan.At the end of the meeting,the two sides successfully reached a coopration inrention and signed a confidentiality agreement to formally open the strategic coopration trip between the Momo and ESICUT.