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Flexible Abrasive Wheel

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Product description
This series of products adopt special chelating agent with plasticity and reinforced materials so as to endow the abrasive wheel with the characteristics including flexibility and no cracking. The excellent materials and exquisite technology guarantee the efficiency in grinding of the workpieces made from different materials and the best economic effects.
1, The flexible abrasive disc for stainless steel (WA): It is applied to surface machining of stainless steel workpieces, features high efficiency, sharpness, fine grinding and long service life and is used for good protection of stainless steel workpieces.
2, The flexible abrasive disc for cast iron (AC): It is used for surface polishing of cast iron and carbon steel and features high efficiency, sharpness, fine grinding and long service life.
(4″)WA Series(103×2.9×16)
(4″)GC Series(103×2.9×16)

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